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Research and Education

Ever wanted to get involved with science? Not just read about it, or watch videos online, but to do actual scientific research.
Since 2011 I've been working with various institutions, such as museums and universities, to get students experience with collecting data, running experiments, as well as performing various types of analysis. If you're interested in working with a research group, or want support with developing your own research project, please check out some of the research pages below and contact me at levisimons@gmail.com.
Articles about my work.

Recent projects
Air Quality

Food Diversity

Further links on research opportunities for students
Many of these projects are done in the vein of citizen science. What is citizen science, and how can one get involved?
Public Laboratory of Open Technology and Sciences for Los Angeles
Various citizen science projects
Archive of older student work


I've also taught high school physics, and have an interest in helping support other teachers in developing projects for their classrooms. Below is my physics curriculum.

Physics? Physics
1) Thermodynamics
2) Gas Laws
3) Introductory Quantum Mechanics
4) Optics and Astronomy

Science lets you do things like this, and survive.

Not quite science, but nonetheless delicious.

I made a wallpaper for my schools chemistry page - Imgur.jpg

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