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Welcome to Project ScumScan!
The goal of Project ScumScan is to crowdsource the identification of aquatic life of the LA river. This project has grown out of the E-CLAW project to monitor the Los Angeles river system.
Note: The script image.py displays cropped versions of the scanned images for identification and saves those images to a new .csv.

Summer 2015: Max Caplow and Caleb Zakarian developed a set of scripts to help automated the sorting of ScumScan images. The scripts are located here.

I want to check tagged images and validate or refute other peoples' classifications.
I want to tag an image and put in the first identification.
To help us identify organisms our team in Los Angeles has given preliminary identifications to please go through the following steps:
1. Get an account with iNaturalist
2. Check one of the tagged images on our photo list.
3. Fill out the form below:

1. If you want to start your own classifications first download ImageJ.
2. Download a raw image from our archive.
3. Draw boxes around all similar organisms and upload the modified image, along with metadata such as collection date, location, and proposed classification using these sites:

Site 1.

Site 2.

Site 3.